Stage area:

  • Normal: 9.0×4.8 metres (width × depth)
  • PA wing extensions: 11.0 metres wide across front edge
  • Front extensions available on request

Stage height: 1.1–1.2 metres (approx)

Stage surface: Trans-Tex non-slip plywood

Roof overhang: 0.5 metres front

Roof height: 3.8 metres front half; 2.6 metres back half (from stage floor when raised)

Cowshed: 2.4×2.4 metres

PA options: ground stack on PA wings or flown via PA trusses (working load limit 240 kilograms per side)

Stage-levelling system: 4 main hydraulic legs with auxiliary screw jack legs

Roof-lifting system: hydraulic

Stairs: 2 sets available in various positions

Walls back and sides: solid with black theatre drapes in front

Dimensions when folded:

  • Length: 12.0 metres
  • Width: 2.5 metres
  • Height: 3.9 metres

Weight: 11 tonnes unloaded (approx)

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